(As of COB 17 Apr 2014)
MVA YMVA $15.38 $0.14
MVB YMVB $26.56 $0.21
MVE YMVE $9.50 $0.04
MVR YMVR $20.94 $0.06
MVW YMVW $20.18 $0.13
*As at close of previous trading day

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Market Vectors Australia is a subsidiary of
Van Eck Global, a U.S.-based investment adviser founded in 1955 offering investment choices in a broad range of asset classes including commodity equities, emerging market equities and debt, U.S. fixed income, and liquid alternatives. The firm offers a broad array of exchange-traded products under its Market Vectors brand.  

Market Vectors ETFs have been offered since 2006, when the firm offered its first U.S.-based ETF. Today, Market Vectors has clients worldwide and currently comprises over 50 ETFs spanning a variety of specialised and broad-based asset classes. It is currently the seventh largest exchange-traded product issuer in the U.S. and the tenth largest worldwide.

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